Products handled

  • Frozen seafood

    Frozen shrimp, frozen fish, crab, shellfish, squid, octopus etc.

    Especially shrimp directly imported from Southeast Asia

  • Frozen livestock meat and processed food

    Frozen meat, frozen processed food

    Directly imported not only from domestic manufacturers but also from overseas

    Actively develop PB products

  • Frozen vegetables and fruits

    Frozen vegetable fruits

    Most goods imported from abroad

  • Dry matter (dry goods, water boiled, pickles)

    Dried shiitake mushrooms, wooden ears, vermicelli, boiled lotus root, bamboo shoots, pickles, etc.

    Direct import

  • Seasoning · Other

    ・Dressing, sauce, curry powder, mayonnaise etc. ・Oil, rice, sugar, mirin, cooking alcohol etc.

    Rice from Kagoshima prefecture to blended rice

  • Hospital food

    Tonic medicine, nutritional supplement food etc.

  • Alcohol product

    Beer barrel, bottle beer, various distilled spirits, liqueur, wine etc.

  • Consumables and detergents

    Rap, kitchen paper, aluminum foil, bag, detergent, etc.